With St Patrick Day decorations, everyone can wear green clothing without getting pinched. Decorations for the lucky day can be made for homes and workplaces. With few weeks left until St. Patrick’s Day, online retailers provide a great list of products for parade, parties, and festivals. The list includes popular Irish backgrounds and items with specialize logos. These are the following ideas and trends consumers are purchasing for St. Patrick’s Day 2017.

St Patrick Decorations: Green Appearances

There are several types of St. Patrick’s Day outfits and costumes available for all ages. Consumers can find lucky green shirts and hats with shamrock logos. For the perfect style, shoppers can also find makeup and green nail polish at reasonable prices. If you are into art, some brands have fake tattoos with shamrock shape for your body.

St Patrick Decorations: Green Jewelry

Another popular category for St. Patrick’s Day is jewelry. Jewelry comes in the form of shamrock or four leaf clover. The shapes are blended into items such as rings, beads, charms, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Other jewelry has green decors included. Besides appearances, jewelry is also worn as fashion for St. Patrick’s Day.

Green Arts and Craft Decorations

Arts and crafts for St. Patrick’s Day are created with popular images such as shamrocks, pot of gold, four leaf clover, and leprechaun. As a result, these images are printed on shirts, decorations, and cards. Other images are included on party supplies and accessories.

Green Decorations

There will be no St. Patrick’s Day without the colorful decorations. Just like arts and crafts, people are shopping online for green decorations for party supplies such as plates, napkins, cups, and foils. For parades, users will see shamrocks and four leaf clover logos on ribbons and banners. Others will buy green lighting for indoors. Another decoration that are very popular for St. Patrick’s Day is the cupcake picks. The picks will bring out the spirit on St. Patrick’s Day!

These are some of the popular products that people are purchasing for St. Patrick’s Day 2017. People are currently shopping online for green outfits, jewelry, and accessories. Homemade arts and crafts are very popular around this time of the year. Because of the customization crafts, parades and Irish festivals are designed with colorful background for the Irish-themed.

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