Spring 2017 is here! Now, you have the ability to get your home and yard ready before the summer. However, where do you begin? As of today, these are some the popular products from the spring cleaning checklist that people buy online.

Vacuum Cleaners

The first spring cleaning products on the list is the vacuum cleaners. These types of cleaners come in different forms. People usually shop online to find the perfect cleaners for hard surface floors or various carpets and rugs. The flexibility of the vacuums can clean on dry or wet surface. If you want more control, people usually buy handheld, upright, or stick vacuums. Other people will use robotic vacuums as automatic cleaners.

Air Quality Products

The second spring cleaning on the checklist is the air quality products. One of the most popular products is the air purifier. This appliance allows users to eliminate harmful allergen, dust, and odors while increasing the quality of the air. Along with air purifier, dehumidifier lowers the bacteria or harmful moisture in the air. In order to stay cool, people usually maintain or upgrade their cooling by finding household fans or room air conditioners and other accessories. With the right products, people can find reliable and energy saving appliances.

Household Supplies

To keep the house in top shape, there are several types of household products that are available. For starters, household cleaners are used to clean any surfaces from bathrooms or kitchens to floors and windows. Cleaning materials such as paper towels are made to absorb more liquid while cleaning the surface with ease. An effective trash bag is usually bought by consumers for its size and strength. Other spring cleaning materials that are bought by consumers include gloves, mops, sponges, and dust cleaning products.

Patio, Lawn, and Garden Products

After you clean the inside of your home, there are several types of patio, lawn, and garden products available for outdoors. If the winter damages your plants, online and local stores usually have several types of seeds and soils to revamp your yard. During the spring weather, garden tools such as electric saws, lawn mowers, string trimmers, and leaf blowers are bought by consumers to keep their yard nice and clean. Without the cold weather, you will be dealing with pests. As a result, there are thousands of pest control products that will control flying insects, bugs, and rodents.

After viewing the checklist for spring cleaning 2017, people will have the ability to keep their yard and house clean. Therefore, they will have an opportunity to upgrade their outdoor entertainment and furniture. Inside the household, people will breathe quality air with great circulation. Other parts of the house will have clean rooms with no odor and dust. In the video, Tara from "Better Homes and Garden" provides tips on springtime kitchen cleanout.

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