This year, Father’s Day is celebrated on Sunday, June 18, 2017 for all dads. With Father’s Day less than a month away, consumers has already started to buy and search for gifts. For consumers who are looking for the latest trends on presents for fathers, you have come to the right place. This list will provide the readers about Father’s Day gifts that are purchased by consumers in 2017.

Home Improvements and DIY: Power and Hand Tools, Kitchen Appliances, Woodworking, Smart Home…

Kitchen gifts allow dads to receive the perfect small appliances for cooking. The most popular small appliances are the coffeemaker. Another gift for dads is to upgrade the kitchen with brunch and dining ideas. If you are looking for GearWrench and Crescent tools, you are in luck. Shoppers can save up to 15% on selected tools. Other can save $20 off $100 on Makita, Skilsaw, and Dewalt products.

Home gifts that are featured by the consumers include indoor and outdoor products. Robotic vacuum will clean several types of carpets with ease. Other vacuum cleans certain areas in hard to reach places. For high power home theater system, consumers are buying Bluetooth soundbars with high quality streaming sound for fathers. Popular outdoors products feature the string trimmers. The string trimmers allow dads to maintain their lawn. Other gifts for fathers include the lawn mower. Besides gardening tools, cooking product such as gas and outdoor cooking grills will make great gifts for dads. Some of the cooking grills are built for the outdoor environment throughout the year. For the hottest weathers, people are now shopping for gazebos for their father. In additions, now is the great time to add outdoor patio furniture.

Technology and Electronics Gadgets: Video Gaming, Active Lifestyle, Photography, Home Entertainment…

One of the popular Father’s Day gift is the gaming system. Currently, gaming desktop PC, gaming monitors, external hard drive, video game VR headsets, and gaming laptops are very popular among fathers. Early shoppers are purchasing Fitbit Charge 2 or the powerful Bluetooth headphones as gifts for dads. Other cool gadgets include Sonic Electric toothbrush, Philip Wakeup light, Typhoon drones, 2 in 1 laptops, and PC tablets.

To capture the perfect photos, digital cameras allow dads to take quality pictures from long distances. To print the photos, users usually get the portable photo printers for dads. For quality sounds, headphones such as noise canceling and wireless allow dads to listen to their favorite music. Smart home gifts that are featured on most website are the Amazon Echo. It has the ability to control home devices or answering questions. Last, consumers are buying fathers a new Smart QLED and LED TV from multiple manufactures.

Outdoors and Sporting Goods: Exercise and Fitness, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Hiking…

Athletic clothes are great Father’s Day gift for exercise and workouts. Exercise and fitness equipments help to keep the body in top shape. Hunting and fishing gears are used to track and locate targets from a distance. Golf equipment is available for dads to improve their game. A fan shop has clothes and gears for fathers who want to cheer and support their favorite teams. Games rooms such as table tennis allow fathers to entertain their guest. With outdoor gears, it is used for the idea places for camping and hiking.

Fashion and Clothing Accessories for Fathers: Short Pants, Jeans, Shirts, Shoes, Belts, Wallets…

For men’s on the go, retailers are providing thousands of Father’s Day gift for dads who are into fashion. Men’s polo shirts are made from polyester and/or cotton for the perfect fit. Dress shirts for men come in different colors with customized buttons for all sizes. Athletic shoes are worn for comfort and performances on the field. Pants and jeans are made for casual wear and fashion. Men’s sandal has great support for their feet while in walking in public places. Ties are stocked with multiple colors and sizes for business and special occasions. Casual shoes have the flexibility to be worn for all seasons. Mid calf socks for men are very popular by shoppers online. Men’s flat front shorts are made with multiple styles for the summer. For dads, sunglasses provide UV protection from harmful elements by the sun. People will have no problems in finding deals on name brand belts and wallets. Some of the men’s watches are built with functions that are very similar to Smartphone. Fashion apparel for men is one of the most popular gifts that are bought online.

Handmade Products: Classic Gifts and Ideas for Fathers

Other classic ideas for Father’s Day gift do not always have to be bought. Personalized gifts are usually carved by hand as a way to show appreciation. If you like to express it in words, Father’s Day cards and family photo is very popular. Other classic gifts include a grooming products for men, coffee mugs, and traveling luggage. Popular gifts that are being bought for fathers are outdoor grills and barware products such as shot glasses and cups.

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