For college students, it’s the perfect time of the year to upgrade or buy new school supplies, appliances, and furniture for their dorm. For college freshman, they will live by themselves for the first time. So, what does college students need to live on campus? As a result, these are some of the products on the back to college list for better production on campus and classrooms.

Dorms and Apartment Living Products

The first thing on the college list is the basic products for dorms. Bed comforters and pillows are needed so that college students can get a good night of sleep. Heated blankets are available for students in the cooler climates of the country. If the dorms or apartments do not contain a bed, students can find the perfect bed frames from multiple store outlets. After a good night of sleep, showering products such as bath towel are available for college students. Other bath room accessories such as toilet bowl brush, soap racks, trash cans, and others can be found in local stores. Small appliances for kitchen that are bought by consumers include coffee makers, steam irons, compact fridge, and pressure cookers. For living rooms, smaller throw pillows, rugs, and curtains are the perfect home décor for college dorms and apartments. Besides home décor, furniture such as tables, chairs, office desks, and TV stands are bought for additional use. To keep the room nice and clean, multiple vacuums are available from handheld and upright to robotic cleaners.

School Supplies for Studying

The next thing on the list for back to college is to upgrade or buy new back to college supplies. Every year, online and local retailers will advertise great deals on several types of desktop and laptop computers. College students also need an all-in-one or laser printer for quality printing. To take great notes from professors, college students must buy new pencils and pens. For faster notes, some students can find quality highlighters in different colors. After taking notes, college binders and spiral notebooks allow students to keep important notes and syllabus for each class.


The third thing on the basic list for back to college shopping is textbooks. Textbooks are very crucial for college students. In order to get the exact textbook for class, college students will need to meet with the professor before the first day. If the professors can recommend which books to buy, the students must get the ISBN number. By getting the ISBN number, college students will have the flexibility to go to the campus bookstore or order online. Therefore, the students can be ready for college on the first day.

Health and Fitness Products

The fourth thing on the back to college checklist is health related products and gadgets. Just like back to school list, college students will need water bottles to stay hydrated. Backpacks are very popular among buyers. With the proper backpacks, it allows the students to put less strain on their body while walking around the campus. Another way to put less stain on your body is find the right fitness accessories. The popular fitness accessories for colleges students include exercise ball and sports discs. To keep track of walking steps, there are multiple types of wearable technology such as activity trackers and smartwatches for fitness. Along with the wearable technology, college students can put on their favorite sports apparels for running and walking. For students who want to relax, yoga is very effective with the quality equipment from mats to blocks. Recreational activities are very common on college campus. Therefore, college students can find the right sporting goods for their favorite teams.

Storage Organization and Cleaning Products

The final back to college supplies on the list is storage organizers and cleaning products. Closet organization such as hangers and shoes stands allows students to create space inside of the closet. Laundry detergent allows college students to wash their clothes while staying fresh. In order to separate dirty clothes, students can find laundry baskets and hampers from different sizes. Another product that is very helpful is the household cleaning solutions. There are cleaning solutions that will kill harmful elements on multiple surfaces. With these cleaning products, students will not get infected by germs. Last, air fresheners have the ability to improve air quality inside the college dorms and apartments.

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