Amazon Prime Day starts its 3rd year of creating deals for its member. Amazon Prime begins on July 10 at 9PM Eastern Time, but the actual day is July 11, 2017. So, what is Prime Day? Prime Day allows member who signed up through Amazon to get discounts on thousands of products in stock. As a result, new deals are updated throughout the day. Amazon Prime Day is very similar to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Prime Day includes large variety of products from Electronics and Music to everyday use. In this blog post, I will provided specific details on how to become a member and what to expect.

Become a Member

How do you become a member? Visitors usually go to Amazon website and fill out the form. Currently, Amazon has a 30 day free trial for new members. It allows visitors to gain access to thousands of deals within the first 30 days. After the 30 days, Prime members will pay $10 a month. Prime members have the ability to cancel at anytime.

What to Expect

Great deals for Amazon Prime members do not start on July 11. Prime Day for members will start as early as July 5, 2017. Each member will have access to daily deals on products from multiple categories.

  • July 5th: Prime Day members will begin with Voice Shopping. This category will feature Amazon Echo Alexa.
  • July 6th: Amazon music allows users to access to thousands of songs from your favorite artist.
  • July 7th: Prime Video brings popular TV shows to your home with streaming.
  • July 8th: Everyday household products are great for living room, bedrooms, and outdoors.
  • July 9th: Prime members will enjoy the benefits of downloading Kindle eBooks to Smartphone and tablets at discount prices.

With Prime Day (July 10-11), members will find several types of deals throughout the day. Feature deals for Amazon Prime members include:

  • People will save up to 40% off the retail prices for unlimited reading.
  • Amazon Prime members will get cash back on thousands of products.
  • Consumers can save $80 off of selected Unlocked Cell Phones.
  • Music Unlimited will allow new members to subscribe $0.99 for 4 Months.

These are just a few deals that will occur on Prime Day. Other deals are yet to be determined.

Keeping Track on Daily Deals

How do you keep up with the deals on Amazon Prime Day? For starters, members can download the Amazon App to their Smartphone and tablets. Prime members can search for spotlight and lighting deals. Another way to track daily deals is to sign up for Amazon newsletters for the latest products. Finally, Amazon prime members can update their emails for alert on savings with deals and coupons. Other alerts allow members to track their package.

Feature Video

According to Fortune, Prime Day will have better deals than Black Friday. This is a brief video of Amazon Prime for members below:


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